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When people speak about creativity they say 'think outside of the box.' but when it comes to Paul there is no box. He is all about creativity and self-expression, be it art, music, ideas or stories. he believes in the power of one. The power we each have to share our own story our own light and live our life doing our best work helping and inspiring others to do the same and therefore changing the world for the better. Becoming a hero in our own life.

After the surprise and sadness caused by the suicide of his closest friend. Paul found a passion and clarity of purpose to help others who may feel the same.

Paul believes that no one should ever feel so unheard, unseen or unloved. To feel so powerless by themselves and the world around them that they feel they need to take their own life. Each person should be able to feel like their light can shine, their story is heard and feel free t olive the life they want to live doing their best work.

Paul is a relative 'slashie' creative/ coach/ artist/ writer/ graphic recorder/ consultant/ facilitator/ illustrator/ actor/ filmmaker/ photographer/ ideas man and musician. With his vast and varied knowledge, his bizarrely creative and imaginative thinking and his ability to get the most out of the people he works with. Paul has worked for the last 10 years supporting individuals, businesses and organisations through:

  • Consulting: Designing, supporting and facilitating workshops that solve complex problems in an accelerated manner.
  • Communications: Building creative comms that make the complex - simple and the intangible - tangible.
  • and Coaching: Mentoring ordinary people to become the extraordinary hero in their own life

Paul continues to work with Batyr who help bring a voice to the elephant in the room. Raising awareness for mental illness and removing the stigma around this.