Collaboration. Communication. Creativity.

We have a wide range of products and services to help individuals, businesses and organisations go from ordinary to extraordinary in the way they collaborate to solve complex problems and communicate their stories.



Working at the Top 4 Consulting firms globally over the last 10 years. Paul has designed, supported and delivered 100's of workshops using the MG Taylor methodology. This is a process, and methodology that improves ways of working in order to help multiple stakeholders from across an organisation or multiple organisations collaborate efficiently and effectively to accelerate solutions to complex problems. This way of working usually creates an environment where 3-6 months work can be done in 3 days.

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With the speed at which people can access information, the amount of information that is flowing around today and the different ways people can engage video, music, animation, info graphics, social media. The old ways of trying to engage an audience, communicate to a customer or motivate a workforce with an email or newsletter or PowerPoint presentation are long gone. Paul has worked with many companies to improve their communications using creative communications solutions. Services offered are:

  • Your Process Illustrated - We will work with you to create illustrations that are engaging and fun making the complex - simple and the intagible -tangible. Find out more...
  • Your Event Illustrated - We are also a great addition to any workshop or event capturing content live in cartoons at your conference! Also called graphic facilitation or graphic recording. Find out more...
  • Your Friends Illustrated - We also have created many caricatures for use as gifts or to commemorate special moments in a persons life. Find out more...


After feeling chained to a corporate career and feeling like he was losing his creativity and self expression. Paul went through a process to examine his life, find his passions and re-ignite himself to be who he always wanted to be. To start telling his story and help others tell theirs. Using Pauls framework of the 3 P's, the heroes journey and popular culture to feed this process. He now helps others who are feeling lost on their heroes journey to become the hero they always wanted to be.  Through online courses, events and one-on-one coaching. Find out more.....



Always an artist first. Paul creates artwork, illustrations, music, poems and videos on a regular basis. See his portfolio of work here.