The MONSTERS are coming!


The MONSTERS are coming!

Bit behind in posting about an exciting new project that I am working on.

I have spent a lot of time since I lost my best friend to mental illness trying to build a life on purpose or one that has meaning. One that can help people like himself realise the amazing person they are and the incredible talent and light they have inside of them. It is a hard world we live in even when your brain is on right and you don't have the battles with your own thoughts to contend with every day. 

I have already been speaking with Batyr, an amazing company that helps young adults realise it is ok to seek help and its ok to fess up to not feeling 100%. That the best thing you can do is seek help, have the conversation and find out whether you need help or not. I share my own experience with mental illness with uni students and senior school students. To help give hope and to give a voice to the elephant in the room.

MonsterMondays is a creative initiative of sharing an artwork every Monday of a Monster and the insights gained from drawing this Monster. Which is really a meditation into my own Monsters. 

I will share more over the coming days. For now check out the two videos below for the launch of MonsterMondays and be sure to check my instagram @ptelling for all the launch images and fun that will be coming from Halloween!



Today We Start To Explore

Good day kind sir. Today we start to explore life on the interwebs. We will start to post often, like, comment and probably subscribe and post a few things of life, love , learning and laughter. It will be a journey into the unknown although having dabbled a few times it will probably be quite a fun and daring journey to drop both feet in hold my nose, take a deep breath and go head under into the waves of obscurity, and mindlessness of the web.

Well I am sure to share more soon and more on the why of this website, where I come from and Why I want to be here to share with you this story. But for now let us read my favourite quote below and laugh at my obscure photo next to it.

Trust, Express and Be